What is my PD requirement?

  • 120 hours per 5 year cycle

If I am not working in the schools but hold a PEL, am I required to complete PD?

  • If you are NOT working in a position that requires your PEL then you are EXEMPT from all PD requirements for those years.  Be sure to update your PD status on your ELIS account.

Can college credit hours count towards PD?

  • Yes.  1 college credit hour is equivalent to 15 PD hours.  Be sure to convert your hours when uploading PD.

What do I need to do after I finish a college class for PD?

  • Send an official sealed copy of transcripts to your local ROE and we will upload them to your account.  You are responsible for inserting PD on your ELIS account.

What forms does a school principal need to use for PD activities?

  • Each workshop participant is required to complete the 77-21A and return to the principal at the end of the activity.  
  • Participants will need form 77-21B for their records (principals should keep one BLANK copy for their records).
  • Principals must keep a sign-in sheet for each activity
       - See pages 3-4 of Requirements and Guidelines
  • 73-58 must be completed by the principal
  • ISBE requires ALL providers to keep a record of each activity including ALL documentation listed above.

How many PD hours do I owe for licensure renewal?

  • PEL (teaching/CTE/School Support Personnel): 120 hours *holding IDFPR will fulfill all 120 hours required *
  • PEL (Administrative): 100 PD hours and 1 AA per fiscal year that you are employed in a position that requires an administrative endorsement for 50% or more FTE.
  • PEL (National Board Status): If you hold a valid National Board Certificate, your overall PD owed is reduced by 60 PD hours