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Food Cooperative Purchasing Program

Our purchasing cooperative consists of members that have joined forces to increase the performance and competitiveness of our organization.  By joining together, members gain economic power and purchasing strength.


  • You no longer have to write and place a bid. The cooperative does all the work for you!
  • Better buying power in larger numbers. Over 40,000 students in 21 different counties are represented in our cooperative!
  • Networking among fellow members.
  • Updates on training opportunities.  Set up workshops with certified trainers.
  • Assistance complying with state/federal requirements.
  • Training provided by distributor, Kohl Wholesale.Training includes:  Waitstaff Training, Menu Development & Analysis, Culinary Support, ServSafe Certification & In-Service Training, Commodity Assistance, Website and Facebook Development
  • Additional services provided by Kohl Wholesale
    • Nutritionals
    • Kohl Kash Rebates (Automatically track certain manufacturer rebates.)
    • Kohl Kids Newsletter & Kohl Kafeteria Menu Program
    • Nutritional Standard Product Guides
    • Federal & State Nutritional Policies
    • Kohl Health Kare Newsletter
    • ServSafe Certification & In-Service Training
    • Menu Certification and Assistance
    • Menu Development & Analysis & Culinary Support
    • School Sampling or Special Events
    • Locally Grown Produce Program
    • Chef Assistance and Training
    • Truck Tracking

Contact Us

LaSalle County Area Purchasing Cooperative
-Est 1990

Jessica Haywood, Director
(815) 434-0780
(815) 434-2453 - Fax

Regional Office of Education
119 W Madison St, Room 102
Ottawa, IL 61350