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LaSalle County Area Food Cooperative Purchasing Program

The LaSalle County Area Purchasing Cooperative (LCAPC) was formed in 1990 by John Scholfield while he was a Superintendent at Leland School in Illinois. When John retired from Leland, the operation of the cooperative and administrative agent was transferred to the LaSalle County Regional Office of Education. John continued to work with the co-op at the regional office for 13 years. 

Don't let our cooperative name fool you! The LCAPC has grown to 73 school districts with over 40,000 students in 21 different counties. We continue to grow as we welcome new districts each year.  

Distributor bids were accepted for the 2021/2022 school year with the contract being awarded to Kohl Wholesale. 

The contract is renewable for up to four additional school years.

Our purchasing cooperative consists of members that have joined forces to increase the performance and competitiveness of our organization.  By joining together, members gain economic power and purchasing strength.

Contact Us

LaSalle County Area Purchasing Cooperative
-Est 1990

Jessica Haywood, Director
(815) 434-0780
(815) 434-2453 - Fax

Regional Office of Education
119 W Madison St, Room 102
Ottawa, IL 61350