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Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teaching Requirements and Stipulations

A valid substitute teacher must possess a valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) or a Substitute License (SUB) registered with ROE35. The ROE distributes a LIVE list of qualified substitutes to our districts regularly updated with new names.  If you wish to be added to our LIVE sub list please complete our enrollment form.

Applicants without either of those Licenses MAY obtain a SUBSTITUTE License if they possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. They must submit the required application and fees and meet all other statutory requirements as described in sections A-E in the packet of information linked below.

Short-term Sub License became effective July 1, 2018, and valid through June 30, 2028

  • Requirements: associates or 60 hours of coursework from an accredited institution of higher education are eligible for this license
  • Substitutes will be required to complete training program prior to working in this position provided by the district board.  
  • Short-term subs are limited to working five consecutive days for one teacher
  • $25 application fee, NO registration fee.*Please remember your license must be registered in the county or region in which you are teaching. You cannot substitute teach in LaSalle, Marshall & Putnam if your license is not registered in our region. State and Federal regulations make it necessary for you to complete and submit these forms before we can issue your Substitute Teacher Authorization. 

The LaSalle Marshall and Putnam County Substitute Teacher List is distributed electronically to all school districts in our region. We recommend that you make your own contacts with the individual schools you are interested in working at. Please be advised to keep this list current.  To provide you with more job opportunities you will be offered to fill out an enrollment form annually to confirm your intent.  If you do not complete the enrollment form we will take you off our Active Sub List.

You can complete the enrollment form at any time if you wish to be added to our LIVE sub list that our schools have access to.

If you hold a SUB license and there has been a lapse in employment for over 1 YEAR- you will be required to provide a new physical, TB test, and background check. 

Be sure to keep your contact information UP TO DATE on your ELIS account that you created in section A of the packet (linked bELOW)