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Public School District Compliance

Regional Offices of Education and Intermediate Service Centers are entrusted with assessing compliance of local school districts and recognized non-public schools in the state of Illinois. This process consists of a systematic review of district documentation and recording compliance with state and federal laws and Illinois School Code. The resulting designation is reported on the state website and as part of the Illinois Report Card. The compliance process is seen as an opportunity to improve operations and support the programs that deliver quality educational experiences to students.

The Regional Superintendents of Schools, in collaboration with the Illinois State Board of Education have created an online compliance system to streamline the process for school districts.

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Health Life Safety

Since 1915, Regional Superintendents have been charged with the duty to "inspect the building plans and specifications of public school rooms and buildings, inspect and survey all public schools under his or her supervision" (ILSC 5/3-14.20), and "request the Department of Public Health, the State Fire Marshall, or the State Superintendent of Education to inspect public school building or temporary facilities which appear to be unsafe, unsanitary, or unfit for occupancy" (ILSC 5/3-14.20). Regional Superintendents ensure that schools are safe, sanitary, and fit for occupancy by inspecting facilities at least once a year.

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Health Life Safety Supervisor:
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