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    An Overview

    The Illinois Administrators' Academy provides professional development opportunities for school administrators.


    Administrators currently using their Professional Educator License (PEL) must complete one AA per year.

    One Administrators' Academy course during each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) of the PEL's registration period (if the administrator is serving in a position that requires an administrative certificate).


    At least one continuing professional development activity for each year of the certificate's registration period (if the administrator is serving in a position that requires an administrative certificate) totaling 120 hours in a full 5-year cycle.

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    Professional Development
    All activities must be clearly identifiable as professional development. What you were taught and who taught you. Administrative duties are NOT professional development.

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    Professional Development Credits
    15 hours for each semester hour of college credit earned or taught (graduate or undergraduate). 1 hour for each hour of the administrator's direct participation in a relevant activity other than college coursework.

    Statement of Assurance
    The statement of assurance contains the list of professional development an administrator completed to renew the administrative PEL and can only be submitted if the administrator confirms all the information is under penalty of perjury. The professional development log must be completed prior to completing the statement of assurance.


    Evidence of Completion
    All administrators must maintain written documentation for each professional development activity for which they claim credit for two years after the renewal of the certificate. Evidence identifies hours being claimed, the date, a title or description of the activity, and proof the administrator was in attendance.

    An administrator must complete an extra Administrator's Academy for each year they are employed and fail to complete one. In other words, if an administrator was employed all five years of their certificate's cycle and failed to complete an Administrator's Academy in three of those five years, they would have to make those three Academies up and complete three more as penalties, for a total of eight Academies.

    An administrator must complete at least one other CPU activity with a minimum total of 25 professional development hours for each year of employment. If they fail to complete the minimum number of activities and hours for their entire cycle, they must complete what they missed and an additional 10 hours as a penalty.

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    Activity Registration Procedure
    1. Complete the Online Registration form .
    2. Make payment payable to Regional Office of Education using either Master Card / Visa / Purchase Order
    3. Please use one registration form per registrant.
    4. Telephone as well as hardcopy registrations will not be accepted.
    5. Workshop fees must be paid two (2) weeks prior to the workshop or the registration will not be processed.
    6. Registration fees will not be refundable unless the request is received 5 working days before the workshop or the workshop is cancelled.
    7. Direct questions regarding Academy programs to Krissy Darm (815-434-0780).


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    For more information or if you need assistance with ELIS,
    or have administrative certification questions,
    please contact 
    Krissy Darm at (815) 434-0780.