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Regional Offices of Education and Intermediate Service Centers are entrusted with assessing compliance of local school districts and recognized non-public schools in the state of Illinois. This process consists of a systematic review of district documentation and recording compliance with state and federal laws and Illinois School Code. The resulting designation is reported on the state website and as part of the Illinois Report Card. The compliance process is seen as an opportunity to improve operations and support the programs that deliver quality educational experiences to students.

Districts' and schools' recognition status is based upon compliance with the requirements imposed by law, including but not limited to the recognition standards established by the State Board of Education pursuant to Section 2-3.25 of the School Code and this Part, as modified or waived, if applicable, pursuant to Section 2-3.25g of the School Code and Section 1.100 of this Part or Section 22-60 of the School Code and Section 1.110 of this Part [23 Ill Admin. Code 1.20 (a) (3)].

The Regional Superintendents of Schools, in collaboration with the Illinois State Board of Education have created an online compliance system to streamline the process for school districts.


Click here to log into the compliance document for your district.


Resources for the School District Compliance Process

Compliance Handbook

HLS Checklist
HLS Glossary

Section 2 Documents

Mandated School
Mandated Reporter Form
Employee Bus Driver
Personnel Worksheet
Checklist for Individual
Sex Offender/Child
Murder Form

Section 4 Documents

AED Example Plan
State School Drill
Safety Drill Report Form
District Safety Plan Review
Integrated Pest
Management Plan
Mandated School

Section 1 Documents

Sex Equity Survey
Concussion Items
Clarification of the
Immunization Status
Student Permanent

Section 3 Documents

Website Publishing

Section 5 Documents

Education Code
Mandated Units of Study-Survey



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