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Frequently Asked Questions

Illinois State Board of Education FAQs 

Q: Does the middle grades requirement change, effective Feb 1, 2018, affect my current license? 

A: No. Any endorsements you hold prior to FEB 1, 2018 will be ok.  This change is only for any additional endorsements added to your license.  If you apply for a middle grade endorsement AFTER FEB 1 you will be required to complete it under the NEW requirements.

Q: I hold an Administrative Endorsement- How many Administrative Academies (AA) am I required to complete?

A: If you are not working in a position that REQUIRES an admin endorsement then you are NOT required to complete an Adminstrative Academy.  You only have to complete AAs if you are working in an administrative position.

Q: What is the difference between a SUB and PARA?

A: A Sub needs to have a bachelor degree while a PARA only needs an associates degree or to take the paraprofessional test. In all circumstances, a SUB trumps a PARA. You can be a paraprofessional with a SUB certification but you cannot be a substitute teacher with only a PARA certification.

Q: I have a masters degree why didn’t my Professional Development hours decrease?

A: Having an advanced degree only lowers your PD hours during the cycle your degree was acquired. When a new cycle begins you will start over with the original required amount of PD hours.

Q: Why is it not letting me renew my license when I log into my account?

A: You will not be able to renew your license until all Professional Development hours are logged into your account. Once all PD hours are accounted for, you should have access to renew your license.  Also, be sure to update your PD/Employment Status before you attempt to renew your license.

Q: Can I give you unofficial transcripts to upload to my ELIS account?

A: No. We only accept sealed transcripts mailed to us from the college you attended.


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