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  • ACT and SAT Prep Program

    The Regional Office of Education supports the ACT and SAT preparation program Educational Testing Methods, Inc.

    Educational Testing Methods, Inc. originated in Springfield, Illinois in 1979, and is being offered to thousands of students across the country. It is a proven program that garners impressive results nationally for its students. ETM has been a leader in test preparation, always one of the first companies to have current materials and information.

    What the ETM program can do for students:

    • Increase test scores.
    • Enhance study skills
    • Familiarize them with the content and format of both the SAT and ACT.
    • Gives them 27 hours of classroom instruction, and many practice tests and exercises to do outside of class.
    • Gives them a complete academic review for every concept that is tested.
    • Provides them with test-taking strategies and guessing techniques.
    • Increase their test-taking confidence.
    • Gives them a competitive edge for college admissions.
    • Increases their chance for academic scholarships.
    • Relieves their test anxiety.