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    Ronnie Uebel 
    Phil Wasilewski 


    In addition to LaSalle County, the LaSalle County Regional Office of Education is the provider and administrative agent for school improvement activities and programs for Marshall, Putnam, and Woodford counties.


    School Improvement

    All Illinois schools (each attendance center) are required to develop and implement a School Improvement Plan. This plan is to be developed by a site-based team comprised of the principal, representative faculty members, parents, and community members. After the plan is written, it is to be shared with all those responsible for implementation as well as the community. The final School Improvement Plan will be reviewed by the Regional Office of Education as part of each District’s three-year compliance visitation.

    The School Improvement Plan is to be developed annually and must include measurable goals that impact student learning.

    The template recommended for use for SIP development by the Illinois State Board of Education is included on the Interactive Illinois Report Card website (iirc.niu.edu). A link to that website appears below. Also included on the IIRC website are a School Improvement Plan Guide, Review Tool, and Approval Checklist.

    Click Here for Homepage of IIRC

    Please feel free to contact Ronnie Uebel at (815) 434-0780 or by email at ruebel@roe35.k12.il.us if additional information is needed.






    Internal Review Requirement

    An integral part in the school improvement process is the Internal Review Report. This summary report of each attendance center’s School Improvement Plan is due to the Regional Office of Education no later than September 30 of each year. This report is the result of a review designed to measure the success of the school’s programs in terms of performance and progress toward the objectives that were the focus of the current year’s School Improvement Plan. The review process identifies areas in need of improvement and plans for the implementation of the changes that are then incorporated into the School Improvement Plan for the new school year.

    No specific form is required for the Internal Review Summary Report; however, a suggested form that may be utilized is available for download, or you may contact the Regional Office to request a copy. Please feel free to contact Ronnie Uebel at (815) 434-0780 or by email atruebel@roe35.k12.il.us if you have any questions.

    Suggested Internal Review Summary Report
    Version Date: August 2011
    Download MS Word Copy.... | .... Download PDF Copy**

    *Save a copy of the download to your computer, complete your digital copy, 
    save the resulting document, and email completed form to ruebel@roe35.k12.il.us

    ** Save a copy of the PDF download to your computer, make a printed copy of the saved download,
    manually complete the hardcopy form, and mail via USPS to indicated address on form.







    NCLB and SoS FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Schools in school improvement status/AYP - How did I get here?

    Title I schools "in status" have not met required conditions for two consecutive years in any of three ways:

    • Levels of student performance in reading and math, school-wide or by any of the eight subgroups does not meet AYP (47.5% needed in 2006)
    • Participation rated on the state assessment
    • Attendance rate (elementary) or graduation rate (high school)

    Schools in school improvement status/AYP - Am I the only one? How long does it last? What do I do now?

    • ISBE websites states there are currently 672 Illinois schools "in status"
    • School Improvement Status lasts a minimum of two years or until participation and attendance rates reach target levels for two consecutive years.
    • The next step is to develop an approved School Improvement Plan and implement choice requirements

    Legal requirements for schools in school improvement status

    • You need to notify ALL parents within your school of your status
    • You need to offer school choice to ALL students (see ISBE school choice document)
    • You need to develop and implement an approved School Improvement Plan

    Requirements regarding school choice

    • Please consult the document "Overview of Public School Choice for Illinois Schools" found at http://www.isbe.net/ayp/ and click on "Choice Fact Sheet" Q5-Timelines, deadlines, and action planning for schools in status
    • Within 90 days of official ISBE notification, your school needs local School Board approval of a School Improvement Plan
    • The School Improvement Plan must meet the criteria listed on the SIP rubric.
    • The School Improvement Plan must narrate goals and actions for two or more years

    Lessons learned from schools that removed themselves from being in status

    • It happens! There are success stories every year.
    • Schools who regained AYP almost uniformly say it was accomplished through a well planned, clearly communicated, whole faculty focus on six areas of work (standards aligned curriculum, research based teaching strategies, frequent review of data, community partnership, leadership actions to create and maintain instruction and assessment systems within the context of a learning community, and intervention programs to work with targeted student populations).

    How the ROE can help you, your school, your students, parents and faculty

    • The ROE provides trained educators, professional development specialists, technical assistance, and funds to help you.
    • The ROE provides a wide network of schools (RESPRO) also involved in this work.
    • The ROE stays involved with you throughout the school improvement process.