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  • School Crisis Assistance Team

    Overview of Assistance

    The purpose of SCAT is to provide support and consultation to LaSalle, Marshall, and Putnam County schools, at the request of school personnel, in times of significant crisis impacting children and adolescents. SCAT will provide on-site assistance to the school’s crisis teams and help implement the school’s crisis plans. The intention of SCAT is to support the students and staff and to enable schools to resume regular activities in a timely fashion following a school/community crisis. SCAT will also provide consultation, printed resources, and referral information to schools, at their request in times of crisis.

    For more complete and detailed information regarding this service and requirements to be met by prospective participants, download this program's brochure. DOWNLOAD PDF BROCHURE

    If you have questions and/or concerns, please request SCAT assistance by contacting one of the following individuals:

    Martha Small at 815-434-0780 (work) 

    (815)481-4562 (cell)


    Marie Bulfer at 815-433-0780 (work)

    847-254-5241 (cell) 

    Tyler Amm at 815-433-0780 (work)
    815-488-0848 (cell)